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pdf-notes for iPad (pdf reader/viewer, free)

[notice] pdf-notes free for iPad involves advertisements. Paid version is available at http://itunes.apple.com/app/id4172008446

Utilize pdf-notes to manage all the pdf files on your iPad. Fast display, quick page-turning even a thousand pages, useful finger-writing and email your notes to your friends.

Differentiation-1. While turning pages of paperbooks fast, you can glance over the pages. While turning pages of pdf-notes fast, you can still run over the contents. Speedy page turning and scanning the contents with pdf-notes or paperbooks.

Differentiation-2. There are many pdf readers allow you to annotate; but do you know which app allows you can write any notes in a second? If you are using pdf-notes, you may experience very fast and intuitive finger-writing like: zoom-in and note by double-tap or; writing with one finger, page-turning with two fingers, pen-changing with three fingers.

– Easy importing PDF files through (DropBox, Email or Safari’s) "Open In…" or iTunes
– Categorized multiple bookshelves(booklists) with powerful search
– Displaying pages as optimized size 1024×768 of iPad
– Portrait and landscape view
– Pinch zoom and crop page-margins
– Fast loading and Speedy page-turning

– Finger-writing with a variety of pens, highlighters and text notes

iOS 9

– Easy "zoom-in and note" on a magnified screen by a double tap
– One-step page-turning using 2 fingers on editing mode
– One-step pen-changing or undo/redo using 3 fingers on editing mode
– Exporting annotated PDF files to Email

– VGA(ext. monitor) out and screen brightness controls
– AirPrint and multi-tasking

Current version of pdf-notes is still not enough for your eye-level, but it will improve on and on: other annotations, scroll mode, reading direction, etc. Please check our to-do list at http://bit.ly/98sfom

Misunderstandings about pdf-notes:

man united vs cardiff city

– Not only pdf-notes but every app recently updated is removed from the open-in menu because iOS5 or formers currently show only 10 apps in open-in menu.
– iPad/iphone Mail/iBooks can’t display PDF annotations so that please open it in the other pdf apps.
– please visit the support site for more information http://bit.ly/f6D31P

Blog http://pdf-notes.com
Email [email protected]
Twitter http://twitter.com/musebook4u

iOS 8.1

YouTube http://youtu.be/4AyRyFq9yxg

– bug fixed: failed to export some documents on iOS8

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