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PDF Presentation

* Store, manage and read PDF documents with ease.


* Import PDF from Mail, Safari or the Web with a single tap.
* Present and control the aspect of PDF Documents on an external screen or a video projector

iPhone 6s Plus

(with the Apple VGA Adapter available for the iPad, the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch 4th Generation)

Built around Web Presentation technology, this is the perfect companion to project and present PDF documents to an audience.

Not a mere mirroring software, the presenter (you) has extra controls on presentation aspects.

Import your PDF files directly from Mail (hold down finger on PDF attachment) and keep them organized in PDF Presentation.

This tool is straightforward, amazingly simple to use, and takes full advantage of the video projector and external display capabilities.

• Portrait/Landscape extensions, minor UI changes, orientation bug fix (reported by users)

(1) PDF Presentation, the elegant and robust PDF viewer, just got better. You can rotate your device at any time during the presentation, as well as outside of the presentation mode.

(2) Under certain conditions, the document ratio, when viewed in scroll mode, would not cover the entire screen. This issue, as long as less intrusive and more subtle problems, have been fixed.

This update is recommended for all PDF Presentation users, as is will guarantee a better experience.

It is worth noting that most of the enhancements have been suggested by users like you. Thank you for supporting our maintenance effort. Your emails are answered individually, and most end up in new features or bug fixes. Contacting us at [email protected] is the best way to ensure that our products will exceed your expectations

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