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PDF Reader++

PDF Reader++ = PDF Reader + PDF Note-Taker + PDF Splitter + PDF Merger + PDF Converter

PDF Reader++ is a PDF reader, note-taker, PDF Splitter, PDF merger and PDF converter for OS X. It is designed to help you viewing any PDF file, adding and editing notes, split pdf, merge pdf, convert pdf to image format such as jpg, png, tiff, gif, bmp, convert pdf to html, extract text from PDF.

Some of its features include the ability to view and bookmark PDFs, highlight and underline selectable PDF text, and a Full Screen and Presentation mode. It also allows the adding of circles and boxes, as well as being able to embed and edit notes.

Just like in Preview, you can search, scan, and zoom through PDFs, but you also get some custom features for your workflow, like:
– pdf split
– pdf merge
– adding and editing notes
– convert pdf to jpg, convert pdf to png, convert pdf to tiff, convert pdf to gif, convert pdf to bmp, convert pdf to html, convert pdf to text

novak djokovic

– bookmarks


– saving passwords in Keychain
– export notes as text

Mountain Lion

– facilitates reading PDFs with full screen mode, many zoom shortcuts, reading bar
– easy searching
– list all hits with page number and marks them clearly in the text after selection
– paper-like annotation including colour-highlighting, underlining, circles, boxes, full sticky notes, and anchored sticky notes that expand when clicked
– dedicated pane listing your notes; searchable and hot-linked
– giving presentations


– compress and email PDFs as attachments with one click
– text-to-speech supported
– thumbnails view
– cropping
– rotating
and more.

PDF to Text feature not supported scanned pdf.

If you have any questions, please email to: [email protected]

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