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Pendo – Idea, Journal, To-Do, Calendar & Share

# 1 Million downloads with 3000+ reviews at 4.5 stars worldwide – Thanks for all your love!!
# Has been featured many times on App Store front page


# All features are free – IAPs are just for at-will donations :]

Got an idea? Tap Pendo to grow it! Be it a note, journal, to-do, calendar event or long tweet.

What’s unique about Pendo? The cat smartly understands Calendar event descriptions, provides unique commands, and blends in countless subtle details!

• Plan Calendar: Pendo has IQ – write (or talk) complicated events like "Go to gym every Tue & Thur at 8pm for 3 weeks", and it will be comprehended and synced with iOS calendars right away.

• Unique Commands: speed up every action – after describing the Calendar event above, start a new line then type ‘C’ (first letter of ‘Calendar’) and return – Done! Similarly, type ‘T’ to create a to-do list, type ‘E’ to send as email etc – once you get used to it, you’ll never look back :]

• Details, details & more details: e.g. when tweeting, if content exceeds the 140 limit, it will be posted as a photo automagically; when sharing your to-do list with a friend, she just needs to paste it into Pendo and it will be recognized right away; crossed to-do items will drop to the bottom to keep the list clear and organized – ask any friend who’ve used Pendo, and you’ll know 😉

Countless subtle surprises for you to explore – Enjoy Writing!

Pendo 3.3 takes Calendar syncing closer to perfection:
~ For events syncing, expanded weeks range, and added maximum number to fine tune to your liking
~ Events’ address, tags & notes will all be synced up

cardinals vs vikings

~ When deleting a recurring event, will ask whether to delete all occurrences
~ Fixed an issue where past events could occasionally be duplicated
~ Events without specified time will default to all day events
~ Changing an event’s date or time will keep its original description so no information loss
~ Improved accuracy for “Run for 3 days” syntax
~ Support “Now” & “Yesterday” as events’ description to note down completed events in timeline
~ Better understanding of "Next Wed" etc


~ Events happened in the past hour will still show up in Today Widget
~ If a newly created event surpasses syncing range, will show a notice
~ Added a 0 minute reminder time to remind right at the spot

Besides Calendar, there are also:
~ Improved iCloud syncing efficiency & accuracy
~ Lots of subtle improvements on interactions, e.g. feedback after scheduling a to-do, and shaking X sign 😉
~ Tweaked Night mode contrast for easier reading in dark environment

Enjoy Spring Time!

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