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Personality Quiz BUMP

Take a personality quiz and BUMP! with another for the compatibility score!

Expect to have a high compatibility score with your best friend, and find out how truly compatible your are with your partner!

Take a quick personality test and BUMP your iPhone/iPod with another to find out your compatibility score.

There are other personality tests, but they only give you one person’s results.

“Personality BUMP!” is the only one that lets you compare the results for real with a friend or partner and gives you a personal compatibility score.

Personality BUMP! Asks psychology proven questions that properly identify the main personality traits.

You can share your results in Facebook and Twitter!

Try it with a coworker, friend or loved one, perhaps your compatibility is confirmed, perhaps you are not as compatible as you thought…



“I was surprised of the compatibility results with my partner…but it explains some issues”

turkish president


“I love it, it was fun to find which of my friends is the most like me!”

“A lot of fun finding out how anothers’ personality matches mine”

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

iOS 9

iPhone 6s


The App is now fully translated to:
Français (French), Español (Spanish), Italiano (Italian), Português (Portuguese), Deutsch (German), Русский (Russian), 한국어 (Korean), 日本語 (Japanese), 简体中文 (Chinese)

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