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A mass text for the people you know

amanda knox

A Universal App.

A personalizing SMS system. Super simple. Instead of sending out one impersonal mass text to all your friends and contacts, let Personally do the work. Write one message, say “Hey, [NAME], we’re meeting at 9 @ my place.”, select the list of recipients, and click send. And because Personally uses the native SMS protocol, your message goes straight in-line with your normal text conversations.

Use Personally for:

iOS 8.1

“Hey, [NAME]. PARTY. My house. Be there.”
“[NAME], meeting is at 2:00, Board Room #1.”
“Happy Holidays, [NAME].”
“[NANE], Bible study in sactuary. Room 2.”
“Thank you for coming to the party, [NAME]. We really enjoyed seeing you.”’

iPad Air 3

“Thank you for attending our wedding, [NAME]. Having fun on the honeymoon. :)”

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

“[NAME], Indulged Cook party at my house!”
“[NAME], our new 2013 model is in. Did you want to come in and see?”

Notes: Subject to the normal texting fee associated with your plan.

iOS8 Updated.

* Bug fixes.

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