Pet Reminder Liaison | Best Apps and Games 4 December,2018

Pet Reminder Liaison

Your furry loved ones might not like this app!
Sure it was easy to distract you with their cuteness in the past.


Have they stopped you from remembering a veterinarian appointment?
Used their charm to get out of taking a medication they disliked?

With an easy to navigate interface, simple and blue, this app can be the liaison between you and remembering pet related tasks.

Features(reasons your pet might not appreciate this app):
-Separate profiles for each pet.


iPad Pro

-Store basic pet information.
-Set a profile picture for each pet.
-Prepare a reminder to go off at the date and time of your choosing.
-Reminders go off even if the application is closed, or your device’s screen is locked.
-Brief reminder history lets you get a quick overall picture of all of your pets reminders in one place, upcoming and past.

Typo on the home screen’s icon label corrected.

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