Petroleum Field Calculator | Best Apps and Games 21 January,2019

Petroleum Field Calculator

For use by professionals in the Petroleum industry. Developed by a team of successful Petroleum Field Engineers.

Provides quick and simplified calculation of many Well Control formulas including Hydrostatic Pressures, Volumes, and Gas Laws.

Both API (American Petroleum Institute) and SI (Imperial) units are included for easy conversion between the two.

A mainstay App for any Petroleum professional’s Mac.

A very simple interface, ideal for when you are in the field. Blowout Prevention is serious business in any upstream setting and this App contains most of the formulas you need and won’t always have on hand while in the field.

Great for professionals, educators, and students.

New formulas added for API from density and Barrels per metric ton.

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iMac '24

Mountain Lion

New feature added includes summary of calculations performed.

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