Phoneleftovers Cleaner | Best Apps and Games 7 April,2020

Phoneleftovers Cleaner

When most people clean up their iTunes, they typically go through the application and sort through copies of files and organize titles. But that’s not really cleaning it up. iTunes stores a lot more than just your music, including iOS data. In fact, it’s not just a bit of iOS data… it’s a lot.

1. Cleans unused iOS data from Mac


Remove already-used iOS data, including old software updates, device backups and more.

2. Cleans copies of iOS apps stored on your mac.
iTunes downloads iOS applications on your mac, Your can remove them to release more space.

3. Cleans broken downloads


iMac '27

Dispose of any incomplete iTunes downloads, which cannot be seen in iTunes but waste space.

4. Cleans iTunes caches
iTunes generates a large amount of cache files, deleting them to free up more disk space.