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PhotoLoader for Flickr

★★★ PhotoLoader does one thing very well: batch upload hundreds of photos from your iPhone/iPad to Flickr! Import your photos from the Photos app, edit and organize them and with one tap they will all get uploaded to Flickr! ★★★


iOS 8

✔ Import photos by using our custom multi-image picker.
✔ Upload high-resolution photos.
✔ Add photo captions.
✔ Organize photos
✔ Create new photo sets before uploading.
✔ Batch upload selected photos to Flickr with one tap. PhotoLoader will preserve the order of your photos if you want so.
✔ Stay informed of the upload process with detailed progress indicators.
✔ PhotoLoader will save your pre-upload sessions. When you re-launch PhotoLoader you can continue where you left off.
✔ Uses Flickr’s API for secure authentication and photo operations.
✔ Smart thumbnail generation.
✔ Upload error detection. PhotoLoader will suggest you to try uploading failed photos again.
✔ Fullscreen photo viewer with swipe and pinch features similar to the built-in Photos app.

iPhone 6

✔ No internet connection required for organizing new pre-upload sessions.
✔ Works on edge/3G/WiFi


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✔ Yakamoz Labs is not a partner, affiliate or licensee of Flickr, nor is it in any other way formally associated with them.

– Fixed crash when importing high resolution photos!

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