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Pikinis is the iPhone app that automatically finds your friends’ beach, pool and party photos. Pikinis is the best way to discover, share and store summer photos so you can remember those good times by the pool or at the beach with friends. Don’t be fooled by the name (“pictures of bikinis”). Pikinis is for everyone – men or women, straight, gay, or bi-sexual, human or vampire! If you’re looking for a fun new way to follow and enjoy your friends’ summer photos, Pikinis is the app for you.

Pikinis uses sophisticated visual pattern recognition algorithms that analyze your friends’ Facebook photos to quickly find the beach and pool photos that you and your friends want to see. Pikinis uses the same basic technology that now enables robots to perform surgery or security systems to identify you based on your face. Our brilliant computer vision scientists are some of the best in the field, but no algorithm is perfect.

Many of the photos you see on Pikinis will not be bathing suit photos. We still think you will want to see many of them, but others you will not. We rely on you to help us improve our algorithms by identifying photos that aren’t pikinis while using the app. You can do this by clicking “Report a Mistake” in the toolbar when viewing a photo. Our users play a key role in the experience we provide. The more you use the app, the better it gets at finding the photos you want to see!

Get started on Pikinis by tapping Friends and selecting some of your friends to search. Choose wisely. Not everyone has awesome photos. If you run out of searches, don’t worry. You’ll get 5 new searches each week. Premium members have unlimited searches and can also cruise the Beach to find pikinis outside their Facebook network.

All of the photos you see on Pikinis are already on Facebook – the app just makes them easier to find and store. Moreover, if you don’t have permission to see a photo on Facebook, you also won’t be able to see it on Pikinis.

When you see a photo you want to store, pineapple it to save for later. Pineappling a photo is similar to liking it on Facebook, except that everything you do on Pikinis is 100% private. It’s your little secret. Tap on My Pikinis to set if you like men or women, manage photos of you, share the app with friends, or get in touch with us about anything at all.

So are you tired of scrolling through endless photo albums in Facebook just to find that perfect photo of the hot guy or girl you just became Facebook friends with? Stop wasting your precious time! Pikinis empowers you to easily find and store all your favorite photos on Facebook and makes it easy to find new ones when your friends post them. Get started now!

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