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Pilot Logbook India

Pilot Logbook India is an easy to use app that allows Indian pilots to maintain and analyze their flying record in a format similar to regulatory requirements. All you need to do is input your flight details just like you input in your logbook after every flight and the app will do all your calculations and analysis instantly.

The app is very intuitive and provides you with monthly totals in a format similar to your regular logbook and thus you need not learn another format to enter the information.

Pilot Logbook India gives you analysis of your flying record based on any combination of several fields including dates of flight, from & to locations of flight, aircraft type and number of engines.

The monthly records as well as all the reports can be sent to you email as a PDF by the click of a button to help you maintain a physical record of your logbook.

We understand that you may not have access to internet while you are in the cockpit even on land and thus we have ensured that the app works without internet connection. Additionally, we have provided an option to take a back-up of all your data online without any additional cost. In case you lose your data on your system, you can restore the latest back-up data on your system within seconds.

For senior pilots who have been flying for several years, it is tedious to input all the flight details for all the past years. We have included short cuts in the instructions document to reduce the amount of data you need to enter and still ensure that your historic reports are accurate.

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Following images of the logbook should explain to you how simple this app is.

You do the flying while we do the math for you!

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