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Pinch – Find compatible people who are interested in you

Pinch turns your social networks into a matching playground! Find your perfect match or play cupid and set up a cute couple. Download Pinch now for FREE!

Unlike other dating apps out there, Pinch has found a way to bring the oldest dating method into the digital age by utilizing your own network of friends. Get ready to say goodbye to complicated dating profiles, series of intimate questionnaires, and analyzing hundreds of bios!

With Pinch you can:

1) Connect with real people using just your Facebook login
2) Simply “pinch” connections together to set up a match

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3) Get started with a little one-on-one foreplay
4) Make matches for yourself or for your friends


5) Be notified when a friend thinks you might be perfect for someone
6) Follow connections you’ve made for yourself and others


7) Browse through the friend finder to easily locate potential matches
And more…

Customer Praise

"Cool new spin on dating apps!"

"It gives you a feel of what the other person is about before you start talking…"

"…I even think one match is working out pretty well. This is a great idea for an app!"

Pinch conveniently connects through your Facebook account and once logged in you’ll be able to see your friends, and all of their friends too! The genius of Pinch is being able to use the social network you already have to connect with real and like-minded people. People that you already share things in common with!

From there, simply browse through your choices and PINCH the possible pair’s two profile pics together. That’s it!

They will be notified of the potential match and with the simple push of a button, can decide if they’d like to pursue the connection or not. No awkward introductions, long persuasive speeches, or embarrassing rejections…just a friendly notification in the palm of your hand.

If they decide to take the next step, Pinch can keep things moving along with one-on-one foreplay, or even a private chat to get to know each other better.

Curious about what they really look like? Just tap on their photo and scroll through their public Facebook pics to get a more complete view of who they really are, not just the posed profile photo from the neck up.

Since romantic relationships can be tricky, Pinch likes to keep it simple. In the app, men and women are grouped together to make connections easy to find. Looking for gay, lesbian, or bi connections? No problem! Simply switch both groups to the same sex. No confusing filters or separate app, just easy matches for like-minded and compatible people.

Pinch excels at working exactly how you need it to. So whether you’re interested in finding the perfect love, a casual hookup, or just some good old’ fashioned dating fun, Pinch has got you covered.

Also since the matches are being created using your own network of friends, you know the connections are safe.

And don’t worry about anyone seeing when a Pinch request is made or when you get matched with someone. Pinch respects privacy and doesn’t ever post anything to Facebook without your permission!

We’ve added the following features to enhance your experience:

– Customize your search results with our improved age filter
– Increase your browsing speed by saving pictures instead of URLs

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– Access profiles more easily
– Widen the range of searching to 100 miles, 300 miles or 500 miles
– Easily delete your account through the logout process

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