Pirate's Creed | Best Apps and Games 18 April,2019

Pirate's Creed

The infamous pirate Captain Roberts left behind unimaginable wealth and treasure, and hid it away from the world where no one has found it yet. Until now! Begin your legend and claim that very treasure for yourself. Set sail across the seas, command your pirate crew and fleet and embark on an epic and wondrous adventure that will take you around the world. In this strategy RPG you’ll assemble a crew of pirates and ships and battle across the oceans in search of treasure and fame!

Clash On The High Seas
-Customize your crew and ships from dozens of different choices
-Engage in naval warfare with special skills and attacks

Build And Upgrade A Powerful Fleet
-Choose and build your fleet from over a dozen unique ships
-Upgrade your ships to become unstoppable

Command A Crew Of Cut-throat Pirates

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-Recruit dozens of unique pirates
-Train and strengthen your crew’s special abilities

Set Sail On An Epic Adventure
-Meet and fight famous pirates like Blackbeard, Mary Read, and Captain Kidd
-Sail all across the seas in search of priceless Treasure

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