Pixel Art Maker | Best Apps and Games 20 February,2018

Pixel Art Maker

Simple Pixel Art Tool with a Retro Aesthetic.

Steve Jobs

•Make a pixel art like retro games.
•Draw characters, animals, icons and every things.
•After drawing, save your pixel art as a image, and send it to your friend.



iPhone 6s

•Draw a pixel art of 16×16,24×24,32×32,48×48 pixel size.
•Scale up and down by pinching in and out.
•Change Color pallet(limited to 16 colors.)
•Load and save drawing data.
•Enlarge the image up from 16×16 to 1024×1024.

iPhone 6s Plus

•Save your picture to Camera Roll.
•Send the picture to another app.

◇Select an initial color from 3 colors after the new button taps.
◇Improved usability and performance when the pixels canvas is moved.

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