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Places Record, Check-in and Share : Place+

Place+ app lets you record the places you visit and share with friends anytime anywhere. Just one touch, you can check-in and share the places to Facebook, Twitter, Email and photo albums right now.


1. Place Record: Record the places you visit with place information contain place name, gps coordinate and photo etc..

2. Export and Import: You can export and import all the places you record via Dropbox.

3. Change Location: You can set and edit the coordinate for a place.

4. Traverse all places: You can traverse all places you record in a single map.

5. Edit Place: Edit the place information about name, address, phone number and photo. You can also query address for this place.

6. Place Display: Display place information in the map and see the street view nearby the place. You can also see the place photo in full screen mode.

7. Directions: Get directions from where you are to the places you select and display in the map.

8. Share Place: Share the place map card to Facebook wall, Twitter, email and photo album. You can also check in when share a place to facebook.

9. Share Photo: Share the place photo to Facebook wall, Twitter, email and photo album. You can check in when share a photo to facebook.

10. Change Wallpaper: You can change the wallpaper (background image) of a photo from photo albums, camera or build-in wallpaper.


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1. Bug fixes.


2. Categorize places: You can create and manage place categories.



3. Support for Apple Watch: You can add new places from Apple Watch.

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