Plain Text | Best Apps and Games 26 February,2020

Plain Text

1- Simple and Clean text editor.
2- Format remover.

Mac Pro

iMac '24


Text editor:
• Full screen mode, distraction free text writer.
• Simple and Clean Interface.

MacBook Air


2- Format remover.
• Do you want to get rid of the text style?

angela merkel

• Do you want to use copied text without it’s style?
• Do you want to uniform all the text color, font and size to the default?
• Do you want to remove the highlighted text background?
• It can be used in copying text from Wikipedia, mail or any website or mail, then paste the washed text to your document.
• exporting txt files to your kindle

• Choose from different interface Colors
• Hide/Show Buttons for neat clear view
• Open Txt Files

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