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PlanBe : Calendar and Reminder, Best Organizer for Task and Event for iCloud, Google, and Toodledo

Featured by Apple in Korea AppStore Best of 2013!!!

Welcome to our awesome app, PlanBe!
* It syncs with iCal, Reminders, etc…
* It’s incredibly easy to use
* Is Super fast

⌘ It’s All in One Organizer, PlanBe.
It intergrates built-in Calendar, Reminders, Toodledo, Yahoo!, Exchange and Outlook account.

⌘ Check your All schedule at a glance.
Various themes and font options for readability
Supports various view modes(daily, weekly, monthly, task)

⌘ Universal App
One purchase allows you to use PlanBe across iPhone and iPad.

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⌛ Reviews about PlanBe
"This is what the iCal app should have been" – Morg33

clippers vs warriors

"Really nice app that does all-in-one functions of calendar and to-dos" – Jahpung
"Very good app, moves very fast." – Tribbs6488
"Very clean UI. Easy to use and it works as advertised" – bm12655
"This app makes managing calendar events and tasks invredibly easy" – TheAtomicPunk70
"the best combined calendar events and reminders app in the store" – aquares
"Syncs fast with no hassle. Very very userfreindly" – gcukurova

⌛ Intuitive Input and Editing
– ‘Quick Add’ allows you to entry event and task extremely quickly
: supports to input schedule, time intervals, location, dates
– Pop-up menu for editing/moving/converting/duplicating/deleting event and to-do
– Drag & Drop to move/duplicate/convert/delete items (located in the weekly view)


– Importance classification ranging from (!) to (!!!) assignable to all tasks

⌛ A Clear and Simple View
– Various themes supported
– 6pt to 22pt font size settings including transparency and font type
– Landscape and portrait mode functionality and extended view information

⌛ PlanBe+WeatherBe
– WeatherBe is the brand new weather info app.
– It shows weekly weather info and informs rainy day.
– PlanBe can display weather info by syncing with WeatherBe.
– Check on PlanBe – [Setting]-[Information]-[WeatherBe].

⌛ Additional Features
– Password lock
– App Badge options(shows a number on the PlanBe icon indicating current status)
: Unfinished work to-do / events / date / week number / incomplete events
– Instant, direct printing of the current view via Air Print
– Multi-language support – English, Korean, Japanese, Russian
– Public holidays of 35 countries built-in

One purchase, all iDevices. PlanBe is 100% compatible with all of your apple devices.
We have optimized PlanBe for iOS and hope you enjoy it’s rock-solid performance and design.

⌛ Unique iPhone Features
– Sliding Menu
– Bulk deletion and movement of items on the to-do view
– In the to-do view, under item titles, a system for starring by date and group

⌛ Unique iPad Features
– Unique navigation bar to help quickly move around the day, week and month views
– Landscape days view presenting data from the weekly calendar
– On the daily calendar, a separate section for to-do tasks/reminders


– A godly undo button

⌛ We cannot wait to hear your feedback!
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– (Bug Fix) In iPad, text View is sometimes displayed incorrectly

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