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Planet of Cubes Survival Games Multiplayer

Welcome to Planet of Cubes – the ONLY SURVIVAL Real-Time Multiplayer block building Game with thousands of players online in the MASSIVE open world made of cubes and blocks.

Make new friends in the spawn zone. Add them to the Friends List and move forward to explore massive open world. Find and mine resources like cobblestone, ore, gold and diamonds. Craft armor, weapon and various tools like pickaxes, hoes and axes to progress faster. Craft and use Furnace to create new blocks and items like glass or iron. Survive together with friends or alone!

Create your own team and build your base with friends to survive and protect yourself from monsters like zombies and spiders, creepers and skeletons, other hostile players and teams.

Chat globally with players around you or start private chats with your friends only. Teleport to any friend instantly using scrolls.

Customize your character by selecting your unique skin from 160+ available skins inside 7 themed skin packs.


Rent your own areas (CHUNKS) of this beautiful Planet made of cubes and start your creative joy today. Chat with other players globally when you build.

Only you can build on your own chunks – but watch out your chunk rentals expiration! Once your rental is expired someone else can rent it and lock you out from modifying.

A single chunk area consists of the 16 x 16 square cubes and 256 cubes in height. You can turn “SHOW MY CHUNKS” mode and easily spot all of your chunks – in this mode the Planet of Cubes is displayed in grey color except your own chunks.

Ancient castles and cathedrals, lost ships and aircrafts, flying islands, cities and megalopolises, military basis, Egyptian pyramids, epic monuments and many other exciting objects and places are waiting for your exploration in this infinite Planet.

You cannot build or dig inside the Spawn Zone and on the chunks belonging to other users. All cubes inside the Spawn Zone have TTL value of 0. Thus to build something make sure to leave Spawn Zone where TTL indicator is greater than 0.

Planet of Cubes game gives you infinite number of possibilities and endless potential for all your survival and creative needs in the global online multiplayer open world.


• 2 different modes: Survival Multiplayer and Creative Multiplayer

Mountain Lion

• Unlimited number of players in the Infinite Massive Open World
• Survival Multiplayer in the Massive Open World with Friends
• Friends List. Private chats and instant teleports to any friend
• Online chat with all players around or private chats with any friend
• Third-person camera view with 3 modes of distance
• TNT explosions, Brewing and Potions in real-time Survival Multiplayer
• Range weapon in Survival Multiplayer: Bow, Arrows, Snowball and Eggs
• Creative Multiplayer Mode the Massive Open World with Friends
• Rent your own areas ( CHUNKS ) in Creative mode
• Endless amount of beautiful buildings and places made of cubes to explore
• Teleport to any place in Creative mode using MAP•
• 160+ skins to choose for your player
• 7+ themed skin packs
• 4+ Block Texture Packs and more to choose from
• One Planet. One Adventure. One Massive Multiplayer Real-Time Fun!

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– Added FRIENDS List feature. Now you can make your own friends and chat with them privately!
– Added ability to teleport to any friend instantly
– Implemented Chat messages filter by languages and countries
– Added Players List button to HUD. Now you can see the list of all players around you
– Added Third-Person Camera View, TNT Explosions, Bow/Arrows, Brewing and Potions
– Improved Range weapons usage: Bow, arrows and Snowball (Added Bow durability), added possibility to throw eggs
– Added Fight mode Cooldown
– Added Bone meal
– Added new skins for some mobs

colombia vs chile

– Items movement animations improvement
– Sneak mode improvement. Added player animation in Sneak Mode
– Added Fancy Graphics option for powerful devices
– Added Deselect Item feature in creative
– Updated Spawn zone logic, Change Spawn Zone Highlighter and status messages
– Added Smooth graphics feature, Realistic Shadows and render improvements
– Improved rendering of the world
– Fixed bugs in Tutorial
– Fixed Restore defaults option
– Fixed death messages and death camera view visualization improved
– Fog rendering issues fixed
– Mobs behavior and AI improvements

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