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Plann – Visual planner and scheduler for Instagram

If you´re looking the best way to schedule social media specifically for Instagram posts, then this is your tool.

Features of Plann (formerly Plan Your Gram)
– Bulk upload images from your device
– Drag and drop images to curate the perfect IG feed
– Visually plan your feed and colour schemes in advance
– Compose captions early
– Schedule Instagram posts ahead of time
– Push notifications let you safely post to Instagram


– Save your hashtags
– Content management tool with no monthly subscription fees
– No monthly post restrictions


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Instagram does not allow automatic posting, from anywhere, at all.

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It is against their terms of use and could result in your account being shut down.
We work by sending you a notification at a specific time you’ve selected so you can close the loop yourself – which is completely safe.

To repeat: We do not automatically post for you.

BUT – What can we do for you?

Having a consistent and eye catching IG feed can make the difference between you and your online competition.

Make it easier to get attention from new followers, customers and increase engagement results by branding your feed, using consistent colour schemes and allowing enough white space in your gallery.

Plan ahead if you’re a:
– Business of any size

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– Entrepreneur
– Influencer or popular Instagrammer
– Monetizing your account
– Proud of how your instagram account looks

There’s no need to keep scrolling –

Install the best new Insta post app tool for iOS and start boosting your Instagram profile. Download now from the Apple iTunes Store and only pay once, for the life of your feed.

Stay tuned for our first updates/new features coming soon:
*GIF & Video Support*
*Dropbox support*
*Control Multiple Feeds*

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Still scrolling?
Wow, you’re tough – Ok, here’s everything!

Meet your new Social Media Manager

Plann (formerly Plan Your Gram) is a new app that will help simplify your content management; the only thing you have to do now is pour a coffee and enjoy planning & scheduling your beautiful new feed.

Instagram doesn’t allow autopostings, in fact if you are caught doing anything automated IG will close your account. (eeeep!) It would cause us nothing but sleepless nights so there is NO way we are going to compromise anyone’s hard work by allowing this. Push notifications (for now), is the way to go.

Did you read already?
There are no subscriptions, no ongoing monthly fees – enjoy our new tool at a one off price.

For less than it costs to renew a domain name.
Cheaper than an e-guide telling you how important the visual appeal of your Instagram feed is, and less than the meal going cold you’re trying to Instagram.

Download Plann – Visual planner and scheduler for Instagram now


Plann is a powerful social media tool for planning and scheduling your Instagram posts helping you get a uniquely personal look for your profile.

Other tools like Schedugram, Hootsuite or Latergramme (Later) don’t allow you customize as easily. With our life changing drag and drop feature you’ll be able to design, plan and visualize your entire feed within just a few minutes.

Manage, schedule, and publish your Instagram posts in advance using our beautifully designed app. Publish and share your beautiful photos to your social network now.

That’s it!
If you’re still curious you’re just going to have to download Plann and find out for yourself.

Start planning and managing content to share with your followers today.

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**Amazing feed using our app in the screenshots is Rosie from @rclayton

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