Planner& | Best Apps and Games 13 June,2019


Planner& is a powerful schedule management software effectively organizing daily tasks, daily appointments, daily notes, monthly reminders and general notes. It also provides customized background images and enables to make users’ privacy protected with password.

1. Synchronization
– Indirectly sync with remote Calendars and iPhone Calendar.

2. All-in-one
– A quick animated view of all your data in the sections (daily tasks/appointments/notes and monthly reminders) needed to check for the designated date.
– During the animated view, any section can be touched for new or overall data.

3. Easy and quick look
– You can easily change layouts users prefer by clicking the calendar bar.

4. Privacy protection

cuba gooding jr

– Each data can be assigned with password accordingly for privacy protection.
– Data with the same password can be activated or deactivated simultaneously.
– In the database, data are not really encrypted.

5. Alarms for appointments and tasks
– Alarms fire even when Planner& is closed using iOS local notification.

6. Easy Query and Global Search
– Easy Query allows users to establish user-friendly data searching, filtration and operation interface. It gives users an ability to visually build SQL statements.
– Powerful global search is provided.

7. Customization

iPhone 7 Plus

– Users have a variety of choices of screen pictures from 6 Planner& providing wallpapers and users’ photo albums.

1. Added and modified layouts


iPhone 6s

– a new layout for week view mode
2. Added new wallpapers
3. Improved user interface

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