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PlanPlus Goals

As of 10/12/14 v 1.4- Issues related to start up page are resolved.

PlanPlus Goals is a native iPad app designed to help you unlock your true potential and achieve the goals that will make you happier, healthier, and more productive. True happiness comes when you have success in all areas of your life. To this end PlanPlus Goals encourages you to identify all of the areas in your life that matter most and create goals associated with each one. Once you identify your goals for each life area, create the (activities) that will help you achieve them. As you go about your day, and add various tasks, appointments, and notes, each time you do so, you will notice the reminder to link each activity to one of your goals. Of course, some of your activities will not be linked to any goal. The report screen will give you a perspective on where you are spending your time. If you notice that a large percentage of your activities are in the “uncategorized” label, you might ask yourself if the activities that are taking up your time are really getting in the way of what you really want to accomplish.

We are 100% committed to your satisfaction with this app. If you have ANY issues please contact our support and we will resolve your issue or give you a full refund.

v 1.4


Updated for iOS8
Getting Started Screen loop Issue, resolved

iPad Air 4


Single task are coming into the browser as recurring, resolved


Completed task are not showing as completed on the desktop browser, resolved
Task Summary completed task disappear, resolved

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