Pocket Metaverse | Best Apps and Games 16 October,2018

Pocket Metaverse

Second Life® on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The best and most complete mobile client for accessing Second Life, providing easy access to all major functions.

Use Pocket Metaverse to stay in touch with your Second Life friends while you’re at work or away from your computer. If you do business in Second Life, you will find this an invaluable tool for reading and responding to notecards left for you by your customers.

This version is free to use for IM, Chat, Payments, Profiles, Maps, and Teleporting.

You can upgrade from within the app to unlock the following Pro features:

• Groups, Search
• Giving, Receiving, and Managing Inventory

iPhone 7s

• Read Notecards and view Snapshots and Textures
• Upload and Download from the Photo Album and Camera (iPhone only)
• Ability to connect to any OpenSim grid
• Turn off advertising
• Much More!

Please note, Pocket Metaverse works best on a WiFi, LTE, or fast 3G/4G network connection. Also, be aware the app does not show a 3D world view.

Bug fixes:
• Avatar name in chat view obscures chat text
• Clicking on notification envelope in chat view always crashes
• Search view in maps can’t be dismissed
• Clicking on account info chevron crashes


iPhone 6


• Clicking on avatar name in chat crashes
• Miscellaneous fixes

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