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Poltergeist – Your secret Emoji code messenger

Do you know this situation? You sit in class or at lunch…
You get a message and everyone around you can read along? These times are over! With Poltergeist your messages are only readable when YOU want. Try it out!

– Finally, your messages have some privacy

Steve Jobs

– Create your own secret code
– Send pictures and audio messages – securely!

iPhone 7 Plus

– Timebomb: Messages are deleted, whenever YOU want

Poltergeist is 100% free and safe. Everything you delete is deleted. Promise!

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This update does not only deliver more fun, it makes the app better!
All our friends still lurking on iOS 7 can now polter with us, whohoo.


iPhone 6 Plus

And the sickest stuff is you don’t need friends anymore to use Poltergeist. You can now chat with the Poltergeist himself. Whaaaaat. Amazing OMG!!!!1!!11!!

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