Polymail – Simple, Beautiful, Powerful Email | Best Apps and Games 22 March,2019

Polymail – Simple, Beautiful, Powerful Email

Master your inbox with the most powerful email productivity tools – all from a simple, beautiful interface. Polymail is the modern email client, redesigned.

– Unlimited per-recipient email tracking – know exactly when and by whom your messages are read.
– Snooze emails to be read later, when you need them.
– Schedule emails to automatically be sent later – whenever you want.
– Detailed contact profiles give you everything you need to know about who you’re emailing.
– Follow-up Reminders make sure you never let important conversations fall through.
– Push notifications and background mail syncing keep your inbox always up to date.
– Unified inbox and search across all your accounts.

"Polymail is the first mail app I genuinely love"

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

– Matthew Hussey, Editor-in-Chief of The Next Web

New: Calendar Invites! You can now schedule calendar events from a message! Simply click the calendar icon while composing (keyboard shortcut cmd + T) to add an event to your message and your recipients will automatically receive the calendar invite!
New: Compose Text Formatting! You can now apply rich text formatting while composing messages! Click the button in the top-right of the compose box to easily bold, italicize, underline, change your font, create numbered/bulleted lists, insert hyperlinks, and yes – even add emoji!
New: HTML Signatures! You can now apply rich text formatting to your signatures too!
New: You can now easily invite friends to Polymail from the Contact Profile sidebar!


New: Added the keyboard shortcut (cmd + Y) for setting a Follow Up Reminder while composing!

Updated: Big, big improvements to syncing between iOS and OS X.

Fixed: An issue where the compose view would not be clickable when you didn’t have a signature

Mac Pro

Fixed: A bug where a Share Link creation error would cause it’s activity indicator to spin forever!
Fixed: A bug where holding opt while downloading an attachment would download to the previously specified folder.
Fixed: Much better improvement on syncing changes when opening the app, or doing a large amount of move actions!

shane dawson

Fixed: Improvements to syncing when opening the app from idle
Fixed: An issue where the compose view would not be clickable when you didn’t have a signature
Fixed: The URL-pasting issue that would crash the app

Heads up – this update to Polymail will trigger a full-sync. Please bear with us as your emails repopulate!

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