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PomodoroToDo – Pomodoro Technique + Task Management (GTD)

PomodoroToDo combines Pomodoro Technique and traditional task management (GTD), PomodoroToDo make you easy to collect & arrange tasks in your work&life. You can use the Pomodoro Technique to complete task efficiently, PomodoroToDo makes your work&life more productive!

Key features:

• Organize your tasks for life, work and everywhere in between in with Projects


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• Show progress of projects, and every project workload in detail.

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• You can set the number of Pomodoro, deadline, reminder, repetition, note&subtasks.
• Integrated Pomodoro Timer, you can work more efficiently by use it.


• Detailed reports, you can check your number of completed tasks, number of completed pomodoros, and the general trend in the number of completed tasks and the number of completed pomdoros.

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