Poop Break | Best Apps and Games 23 September,2018

Poop Break

What’s your poopworth?

How many times have you caught yourself in a leg-numbing poop session at work where you ask yourself, “How long have I been here? What year is this? Should I get back to work before someone notices?” Why stress yourself during such a personal, blissful moment? Look at the positive side! You’re getting paid to poop!

• Find out how much you’re getting paid to poop
• Keep track of how much time you spend on the throne
• Find out how often you poop (how’s your fiber intake?)
• Earn achievements to impress yourself and your coworkers
• Multitasking support so you can play games or surf online while logging


• Discover your poop schedule

iPhone 7

• Dollars ($), Euro (€), and British Pound (£) currency symbols supported


• iPhone 5 support
• iOS 6 users: Share your overview screen and achievements with friends!

Fixed crashing issues for iOS 5 users

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