Pop the Lock | Best Apps and Games 19 January,2019

Pop the Lock

Tap in sequence to crack the code and pop the lock, but don’t make a mistake or you’ll have to start from the beginning.

How many locks can you pop.

How far will you go?

Hi everyone,

This has been an unreal moment for us. So many of you already love this little game so much and we’re just getting started. This is so cool!

First though, some of you are upset about the lost progress and ads popping up so here’s the deal. We are super super sorry if anyone lost their progress over the past day. We made a small mistake (as in we left one line of code in accidentally that reset progress while we were testing it). It has been fixed, so you won’t lose progress, but at Simple Machine we feel that no matter the size of the mistake, it rests on our shoulders. As fellow game lovers, you have our sincerest apology. The worst feeling is to know that we messed up a player’s time that they spent dedicated to our game.

We hope that you’ll consider sticking with us and giving our little game another go. We will make sure we don’t make this mistake again.

As for the ads. Full disclosure, this is only the third game we’ve made where our team is solely supported by the ads shown in the game. We are working to get to a place where:
– the ads are fair to you the player, so you can have an awesome experience in our game

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– fair for us, so we can pay our employees and keep them happy so we can make your next great gaming experience.

We’re learning with every game we release. That said, we’re not always going to get it right every time. With Pop the Lock, we’ve learned that the pop up interstitials are not presented in a way that is fair for you and many of you are accidentally tapping on them. We’re not that type of company and we don’t want you to feel that way in our game so we’ve removed them completely. There will still be banner ads at the bottom, but no pop up ads after losing for now.

We will work on Monday to build pop up ads into the game that are presented to you fairly. We hope you will help us by providing helpful review feedback on the fairness of the ads as well as any other concerns, comments, and compliments (we do love compliments).

Thanks y’all, and keep popping those locks,

Team Simple Machine

© 2015, Simple Machine, LLC

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