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Potion Pop

Looking for a boredom crushing matching game that’s unlike any other? Download Potion Pop now — for free!

"This game is visually appealing, and has a good balance between being fun and challenging. Good job Potion Pop – JimBob13245

"Love this game. We just can’t stop playing it" – Salstephen

“Better than Candy Crush Saga. If you like CCS put it down and get this. This is IT!” – Kmabbo

We believe Potion Pop will make you think of matching games in a whole new way, with ground-breaking Color Combos and challenging game modes to keep you on your toes. That’s because Potion Pop is lovingly crafted by a small team of dedicated and talented games industry innovators who want to bring you the best matching game experience ever. If we don’t think it’s fun, we don’t put it in the game!

What makes Potion Pop such a blast?

– Delight in the joy and challenge of matching and smashing potions with a well-placed swipe of your finger.

– Be a hero, with 200 levels to conquer, and more coming all the time!

– Feel your boredom disappear in colorful explosions of magical chaos as you blast your way through enchanting 3D landscapes full of imps to rescue, and exciting game modes to master.

– Never have a dull moment again when you sync your Potion Pop progress across multiple devices, for potion popping wherever you are! Whether you’re on the move or relaxing on your sofa for a nice long session, Potion Pop is there when you need it.

– Match your way through this enchanting world on your own or play with friends to see who’s the best potion popper by connecting to Facebook.

– Community that cares: Have questions? We’d love to hear from you! Send us a note on Facebook or Twitter, or even contact us from inside the game with our easy-to-use in-app messaging system!

– Mesmerizing potion bottles react to how you hold your phone or tablet.*

(*not supported on some older devices)

You have been warned: this magical puzzle adventure will instantly entrance you.

Potion Pop is completely free to play, but some in-game items may require payment. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

For all the latest Potion Pop news, follow us on twitter.com/PotionPop or like us on Facebook.com/PotionPop.

Let’s get Popping!

**Fun fact: A large part of America refers to soft drinks or soda as "Pop".

Potion Pop is taking over the world!

We’re so very pleased that Potion Pop is now available WORLD WIDE for everyone to enjoy.

Those of you who’ve been popping potions like pros for a while now will be able to invite friends near and far, whether they’re in the US, France, China, Brazil… the list goes on! Time to let your friends know they can join in on all the potion popping fun.

Our world wide debut comes with 200 gorgeous, boredom crushing, brain tickling levels to dive into.

Put your potion popping skills to the test by matching your way through the brand new Neolithic Village and Pirate Island Village areas — some of the most eye-catching maps released so far!

If you need a little extra help making those powerful color combos, be sure to spend the Magic Beans you earn on extra potion crates at the start of each level! We’ve done some streamlining so the whole process is easier to use and understand.

New maps! New levels! New players! Let’s give them something to talk about. Join us on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/potionpop) to welcome your new fellow potion masters and share a tip or two!

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