Power Analysis | Best Apps and Games 11 June,2019

Power Analysis

Design experiments and measurements confidently with minimal knowledge of statistics.

Have you ever worried if the study you were planning would have enough data to conclude anything?

Know how much data you need while you’re still in the planning phase. Let the app do the statistics for you.

• Easy to use interface helps you enter the pertinent information without being a statistics expert.
• Know how many observations you’ll need to measure what you want.



• Know how good a measurement you’ll get for any number of observations you set.
• Visualizations

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• Play with sliders for key parameters and see how they affect the measurement
• Supports measurements of rates and proportions (binomial distributions) in addition to continuous distributions


• Chooses appropriate statistical test for you based on your experimental parameters. (Tests include t, z, chi square, and exact binomial).
• Set your preferred risk of both false positives and false negatives (type I error and type II error)

Can also be useful as an interactive study tool for learning about the statistics of measurement

• Updated for iOS 7 compatibility

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