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Private Chat : Send Secret Text Messages, Photos, Videos

Many chat apps exists, but this is THE ONLY ONE anonymous, discrete and secure.


– We don’t require your phone number to register.

tamer hassan

– We don’t require your email to register.

Steve Jobs

– You choose the login and password you want.


– We don’t send push notifications when you receive a message or a friend request.
– The icon is discrete on your dashboard and subtitled "spy game".

iPhone 7 Plus

– If unauthorized people launch the app, they will fall on the login screen and could not figure out this is a chat app.


– When you send a photo, video, text message, the recipient has to tap and hold the screen to see it. So, it makes hard to screen capture your photos, videos and discourage curious eyes (You know that a simple sight over your shoulders can be annoying).


– We use AES encryption to secure your text messages.
– We use HTTPS protocol for datas exchanges.
– Once your videos, photos, text messages are read by the recipient, they are deleted from your phone, from our servers. TRUELY.

So, now you know why we have hundreds of thousands of (quiet) users.

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