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Pro-Calendar™ UFUA Shift Calendar/Organizer

The Pro-Calendar™ UFUA Shift Calendar/Organizer designed by a firefighter for firefighters.

Pro-Calendar™ and the United Fire Fighters Union of Australia have teamed together and are excited to announce the release of the Pro-Calendar UFUA Shift Calendar/Organizer App. The most advanced App for scheduling and tracking critical job related information currently available for Australian Fire Fighters.
Available at $6.49 for a 12 month subscription, Pro-Calendar™ UFUA Shift Calendar/Organizer app is half the price of conventional paper calendar products.

The Pro-Calendar™ UFUA Shift Calendar/Organizer is a powerful software program developed for the iPhone and specifically designed to program unique fire fighter color-coded shift schedules and track various work related activities important to today’s Fire Fighter.

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Please note this is a rather complex app, and may take some time to learn. We have created many tutorials ( for all of the features as well as included an area to email us in the help section. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.


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Track Real Time Balances:
• Change of Shift (COS)
• Sick Leave
• Workers Comp Time
• Overtime
• Annual Leave
• Training

Calendar Specific Features:
• Tailor to your color-coded shift schedule
• Add Accrued Leave / Accrued Long Service Leave cycles
• Payday cycles
• Set reoccurring appointments with individual alarms

Exposure – Incident Logs:
• Medical
• Fire
• Haz Mat
• Other incidents


Quickly record vital information related to exposures–a critical component when dealing with presumptive disease documentation.

Highlighted Features Include:
• Alarm mode reminders for important appointments, meetings and dates
• Automatic adjustments of accrual rates for sick time and vacation hours tied to your specific pay periods

We appreciate your continued support and plan to continue improving the Pro-Calendar™ UFUA Shift Calendar/Organizer based off customer feedback. There are many new features and updates planned for the future.

The UFUA now represents more than 13,000 firefighters across Australian in continued campaigns to achieve improved working conditions for the men and woman who confront dangerous and often life-threatening situations in their daily work.

Ready for iOS 7.0

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