Pro Pinball | Best Apps and Games 20 February,2019

Pro Pinball

Pro Pinball, the world’s most realistic pinball simulation is back, better than ever! Featuring the first of the ULTRA editions – Pro Pinball: Timeshock!

• The ultimate pinball physics engine!
• Beautiful photo realistic graphics up to 4K resolution


• Control the ambient light level – play in the dark with ultra dynamic lighting effects


• A top class soundtrack featuring dozens of exciting tracks
• Hundreds of top quality dot-matrix display animations

MacBook Air

• Operator’s Menu lets you fully customise your games and experiment with the table
• Glass-Off Mode lets you take the virtual glass off the table and push the balls around the table with your finger

iMac '24

• Unified world-wide high score leaderboards
• More content packed in than many regular tables put together – Multiballs, Wizard Modes, Video Modes, Spinners, Jet Bumpers, Magnets, Drop Targets and just about everything else you can imagine!

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