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Project Expert – Task Management, Gantt Chart & Planner

Whatever huge and complex your projects are the impressively functional Gantt Chart allows you to plan, track, analyze, manage scope, schedule&budget of your project professionally.

Project Expert with natural gestures on Gantt chart, synchronizing and sharing projects across multiple devices and across teams, AND supports Microsoft project plan integration.

Project Expert, is the easy to use project planning app for the Mac. NATURAL GESTURE use makes project maintenance easier, faster and more efficient than ever before. Visualize, maintain and simplify projects on Gantt charts, lay out tasks, arrange your project calendar and resources, track task status – all with a minimum of effort and learning.

Project Expert supports to export projects as Image, PDF, Microsoft project, WBS files, AND to import projects from Microsoft project, Mobilinked WBS and Mind Map.

Share Options:

– Share as XML file – Opens with Microsoft Project and Project Planning Pro
– Share as CSV file – Opens with Excel or other spreadsheet applications
– Share as PDF file – Opens with Acrobat or other PDF reader applications

+++Core Features+++++

– Create or Import Project Plans/Schedule


– 4 types of task links – finish-to-start (FS), start-to-start (SS), finish-to-finish (FF) and start-to-finish (SF)
– Interactive Gantt: Tap or pinch Gantt bar to change dates and durations
– Gantt view, Calendar view and Critical path view to analyze and review your plans
– Build team and assign resources

MacBook Air

– Reorder Tasks

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– Bird’s-eye view of Gantt for easy navigation
– Slider bar to increase viewing area for Gantt or Table view
– Filter tasks by task name, duration, %complete, start date, finish date and resource
– Export plans to Microsoft Project (XML File)
– Cost Calculation – Resource, Task and Project
– Backup and Restore plans


– Import and view project risk from Risk Register+ (.prr)
– Share plans as PDF, CSV or XML file

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