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Project Quilt: Organizer for the iPad

You’re walking through the park and you see an old iron gate – your suddenly inspired, you see the quilt in front of your eyes but you have your kids, appointments, work, the dog, and a guild meeting that night. You also have two other projects that must come first, but if you don’t get your inspiration written down you may never think of it again. The solution is this app.

You can take pictures, write notes, record as many attributes as you wish (style, embroideries, threads, fabrics, size), and plan for the costs! If this isn’t enough you can also share it with a friend (send it to their phone or Email a hardcopy) – perfect for an electronic round robin.

Basically this app is the way to organize your next quilt project, whether jotting down inspiration or planning it in detail, it just works. Plan and save as many projects as you wish and they are there when you are ready to sew. Project Quilt does the following:

Once you have purchased “Project Quilt” for the iPad, simply Email Koma Kode support from within the application and ask to get a code for a free “Project Quilt” made for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

• Keeps track of costs
• Keeps a photo record of the quilt

iPad Air 3

• Keeps a photo record of all the embroideries
• Keeps a Photo record for each fabric.

Steve Jobs

• Keeps track of all the materials
• Creates a shopping list
• Keeps track of what has been collected
• Creates a report to Email or print


• Shares projects between iPads, iPhones or iPod Touches


• Easy feedback or question button to Koma Kode Support.

General usability and stability improvements.

Including start and end date fix.

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