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Proofreading Me

Proofreading Me is a professional app that has your English writings proofread by human brains!

We understand that an automatic spell-check function cannot correct your writings in a way that takes into account the native language or cultural expressions. It would be perfect if your writings could have a second person to check it, or even ideally, proofread by English professionals!

Proofreading Me is the perfect solution for you! You just need to send your writings via Proofreading Me and our English professionals will handle the proofreading for you in no time! You will be notified when your writing has been proofread and you can read the result on Proofreading Me. You will only be fairly charged on a per word basis!

Proofreading Me will correct:

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– grammar,
– spelling,
– punctuation
– and misused words.

However, we do not:
– change the meaning of the text

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– or translate texts.

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– show the loading screen when in the process of auto-login
– added an error message for notifying user to verify his/her email address

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