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ProtectedSMS from Protected Mobility is the premiere secure messaging solution for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and other mobile/handheld devices. This cross platform application provides both messenger-like functionality for iOS devices while also providing the ability to send regular SMS text messages in one convenient application.

ProtectedSMS uses the toughest of encryption algorithms, but is designed for use by mere mortals! Using ProtectedSMS, all of your messages are encrypted from end-to-end, regardless of how they’re sent. Protected Mobility uses their FIPS-140-2 certified encryption libraries assuring that your private information remains, well… private and secure. With ProtectedSMS, you can message between both secure and non-secure contacts.

While ProtectedSMS allows Apple/iOS devices to communicate with one another, you may also purchase a phone number for your device and send/receive text messages to one another via the etherSMS cloud-based messaging service. To communicate securely between two handsets, both mobile devices must be equipped with ProtectedSMS.

Visit the ProtectedMobility and etherSMS sites for further product details.


Please note: etherSMS is a free in-network messaging service with additional charges for SMS messages.

Improved error handling for message delivery.

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iOS 9

iOS 8.1