Protractor Cam | Best Apps and Games 21 February,2019

Protractor Cam

Capture images from your device camera with a protractor overlay!

Protractor Cam enables you to measure angles using your iOS device. Use it around the house when measuring materials such as carpet/flooring, walls, or while working on your car or boat… anywhere an angle is important.

Protractor Cam superimposes an adjustable protractor over the live video from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch camera. To take an angle reading, simply swipe-to-rotate the protractor over the item pictured on your screen and read the angle on the scale. Protractor Cam works just like a plastic drafting protractor does in 2-dimensions on paper, but now you can use it anywhere on any angle, anytime.

– Continuous Angle Readout
– Save Images to Camera Roll

alex debrincat

iPhone 6

iOS 8.1

– Double-tap Graticule to Reset Angle to Zero


– Updated for iOS 7

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