Pump Station | Best Apps and Games 17 February,2019

Pump Station

If you are an Engineer, Planner, Student, Teacher, Contractor or Operator involved in any aspect of pump station works, this App is a MUST for you.

Pump Station App includes a package of ten (10) essential design program (Apps) covering various aspects of Pump Station design. It includes:

1. Optimum Diameter Selection (also available as PS OptDia App at a price of $1.99): It calculates the optimum diameter of pressure (rising main) main based on whole life cycle cost.

iOS 9

2. Pump Station Hydraulics (also available as PS Hydraulics at a price of $2.99): It calculates the pump total dynamic head based on major and minor head losses in the suction and delivery pipes and generates system curve and pump curves for various pump combinations.

iPhone 6

3. Wet well (suction tank) design: It calculates the key dimensions of the wet well such as suction inlet pipe spacing, pipe diameter, tank length, tank width, required submergence, operating volume and pump start-stop levels.
4. Calculates Net Positive Suction Head available (NPSHa) for the pump.
5. Calculates Specific Speed of the pump and suggests type of pump.
6. Evaluates Affinity Law for pump flows, pump capacity, pump head, pump speed, and impeller diameter.
7. Calculates the pump capacity (KW) and annual energy cost for rated flow and head.

iPhone 7

8. Calculates heat load and air inflow (HVAC) required to remove the heat from the pump room or equipment building.
9. Estimates Impeller Size based on pump head and impeller speed.

bill weld

10. Generating system curve and pump curve for Variable Frequency Drive.