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Punch! Home Design Studio Complete 19

New Home Design Studio Complete Version 19 from Punch!
The premiere home and landscape design software.

For the best in Mac home design, count on Punch version 19. An updated, professionally-driven tool set gives you complete control and streamlines the production process.

New, more powerful home and landscape design features enable you to plan with amplified detail, perfecting every component as you progress. Renovate, remodel, redecorate, update or build a new home up to 20 floors. An array of impressive capabilities will turn your vision into reality with unprecedented ease. Our largest, most updated tool set plus heightened support, design assistants and outstanding visualization form into one must-have home and landscape design package.

Top Design – Fullest Featured
Whether you are a professional architect or a serious do-it-yourself enthusiast, Home Design Studio Complete has so much to offer. Take a look and discover the all-new version 19. Superior home and landscape design features enable you to do the most with your plans.
• New 64-bit technology and an updated Mac-friendly user interface with Retina compatibility for the sharpest imagery!
• New dormer, column, corner cabinet, wall heater and other tools for more detailed plans. Plus redesigned roofing system with 2D drawing engine for more efficient designing and editing.
• Customizable 2D plant symbols: Updated plant library houses thousands of trees, flowers and shrubs. New plant inventory tool bar easily organizes and adjusts selections.


• More than 30 new professional quality home plans, along with new kitchen, bath and outdoor templates.
• More 3D content: Thousands of new materials and paint colors. Redesigned Content Library Management System improves search, navigation and display.


• Better tool organization: Customize your tool selection to see only the tools you want. Work on multiple projects with the new tab system.
• Visualize your designs with the new 3D Cutaway Tool.
• Compatible with new SketchUpTM versions. Edit size and materials with ease. Also compatible with Punch Home and Landscape Design for Windows files.
• More ways to learn: New online video tutorials, updated user guide and user forum provide assistance.

Whether you are designing for clients or creating your own plans, our flagship home and landscape software has everything needed for your success. Create professional-level designs for all projects big and small. A top-tier toolset and visualization capabilities enables you to take on any residential or commercial project for home design, landscape design and interior design. With Home Design Studio Complete, you can strengthen the foundation of your concept to perfection.

Planning Power
Empower your planning with new faster, more robust home and landscape design capabilities. Add gables, dormers, columns, corner cabinets, wall heaters and other building elements. Create 2D and 3D plans for every room. Explore different design combinations to find what works for the interior space. Extras for security, home automation and home theater transform an ordinary home into a luxury living showpiece. Quickly begin with your choice of more than 40 professional designer quality home plans plus new landscape and outdoor templates.

New customized 2D plant symbols lets you detail landscapes. Tap into thousands of trees, flowers and shrubs from the plant library. A plant inventory system keeps selections organized. Create the perfect patio, home deck, gazebo or outdoor room design with customized paint, stains and other outdoor finishing touches. Plan every piece to complement your overall landscaping plan.

Create Beauty and Function With Punch!
Design homes, commercial buildings, landscaping, outdoor living spaces, and more. Take on any remodel, renovation, rebuild or new project with confidence and impress your clients or family with your plans.

– Fixed an issue where extraneous room floor/ceiling entries could appear in the elevation list.
– Soffit depth of auto roofing now takes into account wall thickness.
– Printing designs to fit page now utilizes more of the available paper space.


– Margins are now respected when printing. These can be set by using the Page Setup option found under the File menu.
– RealModel no longer prints an extra blank page when printing wall materials or colors.
– Overall performance improvements.
– Greatly improved performance when drawing the major/minor grid.
– Grid dots are now easier to see on high-resolution displays.
– Grid dots now print correctly if the grid is visible.
– Fixed an issue where framing components may not appear correctly in 3D when performing an undo or redo.
– Assume you are viewing your design in 3D ClearView mode. Performing an undo or redo will no longer cause your rendering mode to switch.
– Changing the ClearView translucency or camera angle while in 3D windowed mode now updates the 3D view correctly.
– The inspector view is now updated correctly after drawing a deck object.
– The initial drawing methods for decks are now selected / displayed correctly.
– Materials on fences, ground fills, edging, and pathways are now displayed correctly in Estimator.
– Custom fence gates and posts are now displayed correctly in Estimator.


– Improved elevation list generation by discarding similar items with extremely close elevations.
– Using the Find 3D Material tool will scroll the selected material into view.
– Corrected the undo/redo verbiage when placing doors, windows, and accessories in Elevation Editor.
– It is now possible to specify 0” trim widths for windows.
– The “View Working Floor Only” option is now saved on a per-document basis.
– Adding and deleting wall points while in 3D framing mode no longer causes the slab to disappear.
– Fixed an issue where applying materials or paints to roof panels containing skylights would not work in some cases.
– Fixed crashes that could occur when using the elevation list.
– Fixed a potential crash when applying a material or paint to a room’s floor or ceiling when SmartWand is activated.
– Fixed a crash when choosing certain curved-style custom skylights.
– Fixed a potential crash when working with roof cutout objects.

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