Quick-Receipt | Best Apps and Games 13 May,2019


Whenever you’re on the road and needs to create receipt for your client, this apps will able to help you.

iPhone 6

Just simply hit & go and get the work done. Quick Receipt is able to create instant company logo for your receipt documents via built-in camera or picks existing logo from photos library. This version was enhanced with save/load contacts details on instant memory saving mode or import/export to iPhone contacts (client info only).


iOS 8.1

Quick Receipt makes output in PDF format, you’re able to email as attachment, print it or view it via others PDF viewer and save it under dropbox.


** New: Multi-Line supported in Description, Model # and remarks.

It supports Multi Currency Display: ¥,₤,₩,$,₭,₣,₦,€,₨,L,₱,₮,₲,₪,₢,₳ . Supported the User Interface for English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Target Device: Apple iPhone

Support Multi-lines at Remarks area.

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