Quick-Receipt | Best Apps and Games 21 February,2019


Whenever you’re on the road and needs to create receipt for your client, this apps will able to help you.


Just simply hit & go and get the work done. Quick Receipt is able to create instant company logo for your receipt documents via built-in camera or picks existing logo from photos library. This version was enhanced with save/load contacts details on instant memory saving mode or import/export to iPhone contacts (client info only).

iPhone 6 Plus

iOS 9

Quick Receipt makes output in PDF format, you’re able to email as attachment, print it or view it via others PDF viewer and save it under dropbox.
** New: Multi-Line supported in Description, Model # and remarks.

It supports Multi Currency Display: ¥,₤,₩,$,₭,₣,₦,€,₨,L,₱,₮,₲,₪,₢,₳ . Supported the User Interface for English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Target Device: Apple iPhone

Support Multi-lines at Remarks area.

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