Rando — Send a random… | Best Apps and Games 18 March,2018

Rando — Send a random…

“will surely lead to funny conversations” – CNET


“play Russian Roulette with photos, GIFs and more” – TechCrunch
“easily the worst idea we have ever heard of” – The Verge

iPhone 7

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Bored? Send a photo, GIF, or quote. You don’t have to pick one, just let Rando do it.
If you’re really brave, you can even send it blindly.


damarious randall

Rando. It’s random. It picks photos from your Camera Roll, GIFs from Giphy, and quotes, and then you send them to someone however you want. Text, Facebook, Twitter, whatever. You can look at them first if you want, or not. It’s a conversation-starter… or stopper.

– Daily Randos! You can now be randomly reminded to share random things. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
– Additional bug fixes and enhancements

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