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Real Sticky HD

Real Sticky HD is an amazing, multi-touch enabled noteboard designed specifically for the New iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6, 6 Plus big screen


+ Landscape and portrait mode are both supported

+ Share sticky with other iDevices over WIFI network

+ Sticky with multiple colors, fonts, and text colors.

+ Multi builtin backgrounds and your custom photos are supported

+ Sticky allow to zoom in two direction.

+ Export and share your sticky include photo and text by email.

+ Save sticky to photo library to set it as lock or home screen.


+ Move multiple sticky around the screen at once

+ Drag, zoom, rotate sticky at the same time


+ Easy drag sticky to trash to delete.

+ Restore sticky at any time and forget errors when deleting important stickies.


+ Scroll page UP or DOWN to view all sticky board

+ Use two fingers to rotate

+ Drag, Zoom with one or two fingers

+ Double background to create new sticky

+ Drag and drop on trash (located on bottom right) to delete

+ On send mail, capture or trash mode touch on sticky to highlight (select)


+ Connect iDevices to the same WIFI

+ Open Real Sticky on both Devices

+ Drag and Drop Sticky on Share Button

+ Browse and select device to share

Real Sticky HD is the perfect app to leave in an iPad dock in your kitchen or living room for the whole family to leave notes, and it is a fantastic way to save short notes, keep yourself organized and to show off the capabilities of your new device.

Support for iOS 8 and iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus big screen

InApp purchase bugs fix,

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