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Receiptmate – Scan your receipts. Add them up.

Scan your receipts into Evernote. Add them up.

Receiptmate is a fully integrated client for Evernote that allows you to scan your receipts, enter the amounts, specify the notebook and tags, and report on the totals. Designed for speed and simplicity, we make it as easy and fast as possible to scan your receipts IN, so you can throw your receipts OUT! And because the receipts and amounts are stored in Evernote, you can trust that they’ll be there when you need them.



When you scan your receipt, highlight the amount with your finger and we’ll save these values onto your note. You get instant feedback that your amounts are correct!



Unlike most scanning apps, Receiptmate brings in all your new and existing Evernote notes, notebooks, and tags, regardless of how they were created. This lets you to organize your receipts with confidence, using any Evernote client. You can also create new tags and notebooks without leaving Receiptmate.

View PDF or Excel reports of your totals broken down by tag, notebook, or simply by searching. This gives you the flexibility to organize things however you want. Reports can be emailed or themselves saved to Evernote.



We use ‘Amount’ and ‘Tax’ as the default fields, but you can add more and customize them however you like.

Support is available via email at [email protected] Or Twitter at @receiptmate!

iOS 8 compatibility update.

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