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Recorder Screen REC

Recorder Screen REC lets you Record game, app videos, Edit your videos, and more to make you the best video creator around. And It’s completely FREE!

Recorder Screen REC your best moves and moments in HD.
■ Include yourself with Facecam.
■ No root required, available for IOS
■ Create videos in Full HD (240p ~ 1080p)
■ Flexible settings to suit any device
– Quality: 0.5 Mbps ~ 12.0 Mbps
– Resolution: 240p ~ 1080p
– Frames Per Second: 5fps ~ 60fps

Audio features:
• Supports external microphones (lightning / headphone jack).
• Stereo recording with supported microphones.
• Audio monitoring through headphones.
• On-screen audio level indicator.
• Audio gain control.

iPhone 6s Plus

• Supported audio formats: 256 Kbps AAC, 16-bit PCM.
• Supported sample rates: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz.

Camera control:
• Separate Exposure Point and Focus Point.


• Exposure compensation.

kanye west

• Manual control / parameter lock for:
– Shutter speed
– Color temperature
– Focus
• Exposure offset indicator when using manual exposure.
• Scene brightness indicator.
• White balance presets.
• White balance calibration with gray cards.

Video sharing:
• Copy videos to a computer with iTunes file sharing.
• Supports exporting videos to camera roll.
• Share videos via Facebook, Vimeo or other supported apps.

Other features:
• Grids and cropping guides for easier composition.
• Full screen modes.
• Level (tilt indicator).
• Supports 2.4:1 anamorphic adaptors.

iPad Air 3

• Supports video rotation / flip for lens accessories.

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