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RemoteCue APP can operate the "Light Jockey" of the Martin company remotely on a Wi-Fi network. (By way of "LJManager".)
The position can be adjusted on the stage in the preparation.
And, the real thing is set up next to the main console. This is used as your physical controller.

For instance, an additional effect is playback by the sequence control.
It is possible to operate it ad lib. And, it is the same also in the Cue playback.

For instance, it does only for MasterControl.

For instance, the performer executes it on the stage.

The following function can be used.

CUE Play Mode
Cue PlayBack
CUE can be assign & playback in 90 banks.
As for the reproduction of the cue, two modes are prepared.
This mode is reproduced momentarily at the time of pushed the bank. It is the same as light jockey’s DirectAccess.
This mode stands by once when the bank is pushed.
When "GO" is pushed, the bank is playbacked.
And, the thing to which the following bank automatically stands by can be done.

Sequence Play Mode
Sequence Latch/Flash PlayBack
Sequence can be assign & playback in 48 banks.
The latch and the flash are switches. It can be a switch even in the playback.
For instance, the bank is being playback in the flash mode. You can separate
your hand from the bank by switching to the latch mode.

Pan/Tilt Control
The name and the section of the fixture can be easily allocated.
You need not use the keyboard.
You can use a solo function and a static function at the same time.
Pan/Tilt control is Relative operation.


Therefore, when it is a state that the preset is applied, it is likely not to become intended movement.
The sensitivity is influenced by light jockey’s resolution.
It doesn’t operate accurately in the fixture of 8bit.

illawarra mercury

The save of the cue, the sequence, and the preset cannot be done.
However, SequenceSTEP can be added. And, NextStep and PreviousStep can be moved.

MasterControl can be use Fade IN/OUT &BlackOUT/Restore.
But it is not a fader. It executes it with the button 1second to 10seconds.

iPhone 7 Plus

And BlackOut,Restore buttons.

Demo & How To Movie


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