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Remote HMI

Remote HMI is an application for real time remote monitoring and control for the C-more HMI (Human Machine Interface) product line offered by For this app to function as designed, a C-more panel that supports remote connectivity is required.
Unlike similar apps in the market, the C-more Remote HMI app does not require 3rd party remote desktop VNC type applications.
Main Features.

– Monitor and control screen operations of the C-more panel as if touching the panel itself

– Users can save jpeg screen captures to review, email and print if needed

– The iPhone or apple Zoom feature allows the user to zoom in on specific objects on the screen and then save a screen capture if needed

– Multilevel Logon Security offers three Remote Access user accounts that can be configured and stored in the panel project. Each account allows up to five remote users to be connected simultaneously.

– Multilevel Access Control allows each account to be configured in one of the following levels of access. Full control access, View only access, View and Screen change only access

– Activation or Notification Tags provide an option for each account to have associated user configurable TAGS that allow the Panel project or PLC project to indicate that a remote user is connected or to enable or disable the remote access feature. These tags can be used to activate alarms, events or notifications to alert local operators that a remote user is connected. The Disable/Enable TAGS can be assigned to a switch to allow local operators the ability to enable or disable the remote access feature for security or safety reasons.

Requirements to use the Remote HMI App are:

iPhone 7

• iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch iOS version 4.2 or later
• C-more Panel with Ethernet port (panels with xxxx–R part numbers do not support Ethernet).
• The C-more Panel must be using firmware Version 2.73 or later. When upgrading the C-more Panel firmware from a version older than 2.4, the panel will need to be reset to factory default to add the updated “Remote Access” HTML link. Firmware is updated using the C-more programming software. It is not recommended to upgrade firmware remotely.
• C-more Programming Software Version 2.73 or later is required to program and configure a C-more panel to support the Remote HMI App.


• The Remote Access feature must be enabled in the C-more panel project
• The C-more Panel must have compatible network settings with the device running the Remote HMI App, or the panel must be accessible from the Internet.
• Although the Remote Access for the C-more panel can be configured with password protection, connecting the C-more panel on an Enterprise network or the Internet exposes security risks. A secure and encrypted VPN connection is highly recommended if the C-more panel will be accessible from the Internet. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) uses encryption and other security mechanisms to ensure that only authorized users are allowed to connect and that the data cannot be intercepted. A VPN greatly reduces the chances of malicious behavior and unauthorized connections.

1. Fixed issues for iOS7
a. Cannot enter the ID, password and IP address

iPhone 7s

b. Unlock button size becomes larger if rotating screen and Unlock button is in reposition mode

2. Changed the password error message
"The password is invalid" is now " The username or password is invalid"

3. Fixed issues for iOS5
Communication issues that lock up the screen when the app is started or is browsing panels (changed to obtain the IP address from the NIC).

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