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Report-IT Lite

Radio, TV reporters and journalists – the world’s most popular, award winning, professional broadcast application turns your compatible iOS device into an ultraportable IP audio codec. Stream live, low delay bidirectional 15kHz HD quality audio to a Tieline IP audio codec at the studio using 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connections, or send 20kHz quality recorded news & sports reports & interviews to the studio using a variety of file transfer options.

Report-IT Lite is the free version of Tieline’s award winning Report-IT providing the following features:

• Bidirectional live 15kHz audio* at 24Kbps (supports live audio at 14.4Kbps).
• Up to 2 pre-recorded reports¹ at a maximum duration of one minute each.


FTP pre-recorded reports in WAV format.


• Insert multiple recordings in playlists for live reports.
• Automatic file transfer on disconnect.
• Connect a professional microphone and headphones when reporting.
• Display your own/station logo and byline during a live or pre-recorded report.

A Tieline studio codec is required to connect live. Contact Tieline or your favourite Tieline dealer via for more info.

*NOTE: One hour of Live Time is provided free². Additional live streaming requires an In-App purchase of Live Time at approximately $25USD per hour (prices may vary slightly between countries due to exchange rates). There is NO Unlimited Live Time In-App upgrade option for Report-IT Lite. Any Report-IT Lite recordings or purchased Live Time are non-transferrable to Report-IT Live. See the registration confirmation email or support FAQs for Tieline codec firmware requirements.

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IMPORTANT: Report-IT Lite is a completely separate app to Report-IT Live and Report-IT Enterprise Edition. Live reporting (without simultaneous recording) is fully functional and allows infrequent users to broadcast live to a studio codec. Recording capability is provided, but due to evaluation limitations we recommended recording features are not used for real reports.

¹ A maximum of 2 recordings is allowed at any given time in this free version. A report may be deleted to allow another recording.
² Requires registration.

* Improved OPUS encoding quality
* Minor label changes

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