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Restaurant Inventory Management – Small and Medium Business Easy and Hassle Free Software

I wrote this app for my quick-serve small business restaurant. Since its initial release on the App Store I’ve honed and perfected its utility and user interface to a lightweight and easy to use program.

Although many inventory apps are complicated; the Restaurant Inventory Management app is intuitive–only taking a few minutes to understand.

Instead of using a pen and paper to calculate your inventory you can update all of your inventory on a single view with your iOS device. The app will automatically calculate your order amounts and even email or text your vendors your order without the need for you to type it out.

You asked, we listened. In this major release we refined our UI, added easy data entry via computer, added automatic text messaging for orders and added a tutorial. Check out these features and more in this version. And as always contact the developer if there is something else you would like in the app.

New Features:
-Added a basic calculator keyboard for entering numbers.
-Added an alert on the main menu to notify you when items are below minimum amounts.
-Added an automatic text messaging option for sending orders to vendors.
-Added an option to enter your new vendors and items via computer through Wifi connection. Check out how to enter it in the setup menu.
-Added a minimum order field for vendors. This gives more accurate automatic ordering. A message will appear next to order total when you are ordering to let you know if the minimum order is met and an alert will pop up warning you before you place the order. (Users of previous versions need to set the minimum field for each item for automatic ordering to function as intended.)
-Added the total dollar amount for orders in all views.
-Added a quick tutorial. It will automatically start the first time you run this version of the app (even for users of previous versions) but you can access it in the future by pressing the “Show Tutorial” button in the setup menu.

-Added option to set preferred vendor (Now your preferred vendor can be something other than by the lowest priced vendor. (Users of previous versions need to set the preferred vendor field for each item for automatic ordering to function as intended.)
-Now you can edit counts and order amounts inline in the same view instead of launching a new view and pressing done.
-Changed order names to include date for easier record keeping.
-Added a set vendor prices button in the item view.

Bug Fixes:


-Patched bug where you wouldn’t be able to select the automatic text order method unless vendor had an email.
-Fixed bug where app would crash if you scrolled before entering values in certain views.

iOS 9

-Fixed bug where app would not take quantity of items in certain situations on order and receiving views.
-Fixed bug where app would crash in certain versions when adding an item after the order has been created or ordered.
-Patched auto ordering bug where items would not populate if under 1.
-Patched auto ordering bug where items would not calculate correctly if you ordered them and deleted the order.
-For those previously affected by auto ordering bugs press the “Repair Auto-Fill” button in setup.
-Fixed issue where in rare occasions when loading from database some numbers would round down to the closest whole number.
-Fixed issue in some views where if you pressed another field while editing a current field, the first field’s data would not be entered.

stacey dooley

-Removed auto-convert prices to bulk when changing to “order as bulk” from “order as individual” in items.
-Fixed critical bug in version 2.0.0 where app would crash when not connected to a cellular or wifi data source.

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