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Retouching Photos Photoshop CS 6 Edition

Retouch your photos like a pro using Photoshop CS 6 with this easy training

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After buying a lots of crap applications teaching Photoshop that are so bad, I found this really treasure! Easy to understand and with really helpful tutorials. I didn’t hesitated and I bought also other app from the same author!!! Excellent!!!! The best way to learn more about photoshop!!!

Video 1: Camera Raw Basics
Duration : 21 minutes

In this video, we will go over all the basics of the camera raw and the basis of my workflow.

Video 2 : Venice Plaza
Duration : 15 minutes

Let’s apply this workflow to a photo taken in the end of afternoon in Venize Italy.

Video 3 : The roof of Paris
Duration : 14 minutes

This photo was completly under expose, you will see that the workflow is slightly different for underexposed photos. The power of raw file developing can be surprising !

Video 4 : Urban Portrait
Duration : 9 minutes

The workflow changes also a little when a human being is in the photo. We will explore more Photoshop options in that project.

Video 5 : Panorama WD Concert Hall LA
Duration : 17 minutes

The workflow for panorama is very powerful as we will get the best out of the raw files before merging. One of my most popular photo.

Video 6 : Dynamic Range increases.
Duration : 14 minutes

This is the most powerful workflow I have learned. Blending several exposures using Photoshop instead of using an HDR software. We get the dynamic range back with a more natural result

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